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2003 community murals &  projects

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University of Miami School of Law
Children and Youth Law Clinic
Voice Project 2003 Mural

Xavier Cortada and youth at the Jackson Memorial Hospital SIPP program created this collaborative art piece.  This mural project was funded through a community grant from the Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs. 



american-cancer-logo.gif (1558 bytes)Florida Chapter of the American Cancer Society's
Reaching Out to Cancer Kids Art Project





During May 2003, Cortada will install a series of  art pieces in Guy Mason Park in Washington, DC to help  promote the VERB Campaign. The Miami artist was commissioned to create  8 woodouts and a 20 foot mural by the Centers for Disease Control.




On April 24th, Cortada will travel to Washington D.C. to begin work a mural to become part of the World Bank's permanent collection. 

The commissioned piece, "The World Bank Mural: Dreaming of a World Free of Poverty,"  is to measure 15' x 6' and is to hang in the lobby of the World Bank.

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During Spring 2003, Xavier Cortada will  help Homestead and Florida City youth create their Drug-Free Youth in Town "United We Stand" mural.  







Earth Day Mural:  Citizens for a Better South Florida and the Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs present the unveiling of the "Earth Day 2003" mural at Citrus Grove Elementary School in Miami, Florida on April 22, 2003.  The piece is the creation of the students and the artist after their explorations of the Florida Everglades, Key Biscayne, Virginia Beach, and the Miami River.





On April 12, 2003, Xavier Cortada joined Robin Diaz, Lisa Ramirez and other Positive Partnership mentors in creating a mural with youth from the West Grove.  Click here to see large version of the mural.


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Xavier Cortada was commissioned by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s VERB.™ It’s what you do. campaign is PAINTING Miami with a large-scale mural.  The mural will highlight Miami’s local flavor by depicting its beautiful sunny weather, numerous ocean activities and popular bike trails.  In addition, it will portray Miami area youth sharing and performing multiple VERBs, while conveying a message of the importance of finding one’s own VERB. 


For a more current listing of this year's projects and activities, please visit calendar.



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Xavier Cortada has exhibited his works in museums, galleries, and cultural venues around the world and has pioneered the use of the Internet in collaborative art-making. The Miami-based Cuban-American artist, attorney, and activist has worked collaboratively with diverse groups across the United States, Latin America, Europe and Africa to create pro-social community murals and participant-driven art projects. 

Cortada has created murals for:

The White House
The World Bank
Global Health Council
World AIDS Conferences
Miami-Dade County Juvenile Courthouse
Miami-Dade Art in Public Places
Miami Art Museum

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Children's Friendship Project for Northern Ireland mural sponsored by the U.S. Department of State

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