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Global Warnings, by Suzaan Boettger, Art in America,
Issue No. 6, p 154-161 and 206-207, June/July 2008.

Green Museum, by Allison Compton, Public Art Review, Issue 40, pp 52-55 (Spring/Summer 2009).

The Arts: "The Longitudinal Installation: Representing those affected by climate change." Xavier Cortada. Resurgence, edition 243, page 32-33 (July/August 2007)

Kunsthaus Miami exhibit. Review by Milagros Bello.  Published in arte al d�a (International Magazine of Contemporary Latin American Art), edition 119, (July 2007).

Bold as Ice:
Miami artist Xavier Cortada finds fresh air at the South Pole.

Carlos Suarez De Jesus

in the Miami New Times on March 29, 2007.

Cortada reinvents style during Antarctic visit:  
Art brings awareness to environmental issues
Written by Peter Rejcek.
Published in the Antarctic Sun (Antarctica) on January 21, 2006.

Cold Reality: 
Artist Xavier Cortada takes environmental awareness to the South Pole

By Desera� E. Del Campo
Pubished in Miami Monthly Magazine, April 2007.

Xavier Cortada: ANTARCTICA
Blue Print Directory, Volume 10, March 2007.



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More featured media articles

Pretty as a Picture: Artist Xavier Cortada is bringing back the mangroves.  By Vanessa Garcia. Published by The New Times on December 7th, 2006 in Miami, FL.

Planting for Life: CultureSurge - Artburst.  Written by Anne Tschida.  Published by category305.com on Thursday, November 9, 2006, Miami, FL.

Xavier Cortada:  Florida's 2006 Heritage Month, Florida History & the Arts Magazine, Winter 2006.

Absence of Place -The landscape changes, but memories persist: An artist invites the public to collaborate on a work to remember a vanished past, by Ana Menendez.  Published on Sunday, January 15th, 2006 in The Miami Herald, Page 1A and Page 1L (Miami, FL).

No longer in photos, still in the heart, by Ana Menendez.  Published on December 7th, 2005 in The Miami Herald (Miami, FL). See http://www.cortada.me/media/2005/menendez-column.htm

Fair takes art to the street with outdoor exhibits, by Daniel Chang.  Published on December 3rd, 2004 in The Miami Herald (Miami, FL). See http://www.cortada.me/media/2004/art-basel-public-art.htm

Exiles' plane to symbolize Cuban thirst for freedom, by Elaine de Valle.  Published May 9, 2004 in The Miami Herald, Miami, FL.  See http://www.cortada.me/media/2004/exiles-plane-05-09.htm

Immortalized in Glass: Image of Florida�s first Catholic bishop now school mosaic, by Joan D. LaGuardia. Published April 25, 2004 in The News-Press, Ft. Myers, Florida See  http://www.cortada.me/media/2004/news-press.htm

Artist's brush brings court cases to canvas: Lawyer Xavier Cortada creates an exhibit specifically for the Supreme Court, by Jan Pudlow. Published March 15, 2004 in The Florida Bar News, Tallahassee, FL See  http://www.cortada.me/media/2004/fl-bar-news.htm 

Artistic Advocacy: Miami artist's canvas support social change Published Summer/ Fall 2003 in Latin Business Magazine (national circulation).  See http://www.cortada.me/media/2003/latin-business.htm

Florida Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month  -- Published October 2003 in the Florida Art and History Magazine, Tallahassee, FL.  See  http://www.cortada.me/media/2003/fl-hispanic-heritage-month.htm

Looking at what it means to be Latino, by Kamaharia Hopkins.  Published Saturday, November 2nd, 2002 in the Omaha World-Herald, Omaha, NE.  See http://www.cortada.me/media/2002/latino.htm

Artist Expresses Plight of Boys in a Man's Jail:   He Speaks Out Against the Law that allows Juvenile Offenders to be charged as adults, by Maya Bell.  Published Saturday, February 2, 2002 in The Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, FL.  See http://www.cortada.me/media/2002/artcare-orlando.htm

It Changed the Paradigm': Miami artist explores legacy of papal visit to Cuba three years ago, by Tom Tracy.  Published February 11, 2001 as the cover story in Our Sunday Visitor. (national circulation) See http://www.cortada.me/media/2001/sunday-visitor.htm

High school students, local artist create Web master`peace', by Tanya Somaroo, Published Sunday, December 12, 1999 in The Miami Herald, Miami, FL See http://www.cortada.me/media/1999/master-peace2000.htm

Artist's Interactive WebSite mines chat rooms for the muses, by Liz Balmaseda. Published April 10, 1999 in The Miami Herald, Miami, FL.  See http://www.cortada.me/webstudio/archives/inaugural/webstudio-balmaseda-column.htm 

AIDS mural echoes patients� pleas, hope: Miami artist�s mural an international appeal for help, by Lydia Martin. Published July 4, 1998 in The Miami Herald, Living and Arts, Miami, FL.
See http://www.cortada.me/media/1998/aidsarticle.htm

A New Breed of Artist, by Tananarive Due. Published February 7, 1998 in The Miami Herald, Living and Arts, Miami, FL.  See http://www.cortada.me/media/1998/newBreed.htm

The Healing Powers of Paint by Antonio Aruquipa. Published October 16, 1997 in Bolivian Times, La Paz, Bolivia.  See http://www.cortada.me/media/1997/bolivianTimes.htm

Arts can heal, says crusading Cuban, by Christina Stucky. Published October 14, 1994 in The Star, Trends, Johannesburg, South Africa.  See http://www.cortada.me/media/1994/THE_STAR.HTM    

Fair takes art to the street with outdoor exhibits, by Daniel Chang.  Published on December 3rd, 2004 in The Miami Herald (Miami, FL).
Art Basel to attract thousands of artists to South Beach, by Ginelle G. Torres.  Published December 1, 2004 in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale, FL).
colorful_thumb.jpg (25188 bytes)  

It’s Florida’s turn to become a cultural state. Florida is still a very young state and the money we have is very young money. People are still trying to figure out what to do with that money and artists are trying to figure out how to get their first show in New York City or Paris. But that’s changing. The new kid on the block, the new empire, is Miami. I look at Miami the way I look at Italy at the beginning of the Renaissance.

--A Colorful Palette, an Open Canvas, 40 Voices on Florida’s Future (Special 40th Anniversary Issue), Florida Trend, Tampa, Florida (state-wide circulation), September 1998.


ATTENTION-GETTER: Xavier Cortada's Web site featuring his artwork led to a commission to paint 24-foot-high murals for the new Niketown store on
US 1.

Xavier Cortada is not shy. Given that he once expected to make his career in politics, the Miami law-school-grad-turned-artist is no stranger to self-promotion in the name of spreading ideas. Which is exactly what he's doing now, except with a paint brush. And Cortada, like other emerging artists, is learning that there's a lot to be said for an outgoing personality when it comes to finding an audience.

--A New Breed of Artist, by Tananarive Due, The Miami Herald, Living and Arts, Miami, Florida, February 7, 1998.

cyberspace_thumb.jpg (18642 bytes)

Cortada, a painter and muralist, used a $3,000 New Forms grant from the Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs Council to set up an interactive art studio. He bought a Webcam, hired an assistant and expanded his Web page -- www.cortada.com

--Artist's Interactive WebSite mines chat rooms for the muses, by Liz Balmaseda,The Miami Herald, April 10, 1999.

healing_thumb.jpg (20722 bytes)

Xavier Cortada is a great believer in the healing powers of communal art. Last week, young paceno drug addicts and alcoholics contributed to a mural-painting session Cortada organized outside La Paz’s Centro Boliviano Americano (CBA). With the help of some 200 high school students, the team effort produced a vast mural portraying the harsh realities of drug addiction and alcoholism in Bolivia.

The Healing Powers of Paint by Antonio Aruquipa
, Bolivian Times, La Paz, Bolivia, October 16, 1997


artcanheal_thumb.jpg (23176 bytes)

Convinced that art is the most powerful and most universal language of all, Cuban-American artist Xavier Cortada uses his paintings to speak to the world.  Most recently, he communicated with the people of Soweto.  Cortada is visiting Johannesburg and Pretoria after arriving from presentations of his work in Madrid and Portugal.  Next, he will travel to Mauritius and Sierra Leone.

--Arts can heal, says crusading Cuban, by Christina Stucky, The Star, Trends, Johannesburg, South Africa, October 14, 1994


cubist_thumb.jpg (22112 bytes)

Miami artist Xavier Cortada proudly hosted the opening of his Cubaba exhibit in Miami this past spring. The son of Cuban immigrants, Cortada’s exhibit was geared towards the Latino populace in south Florida, but was not limited to that group. "Cuban, American, both, or neither," says Cortada of his all-inclusive target audience.

--A Cuban Cubist, Smoke Magazine, Smoke Front, New York, New York (national circulation), Summer 1998



xavier cortada

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Xavier Cortada's work has been shown across four continents and is in the permanent collection of The World Bank. The Miami artist has been commissioned to create art for governmental (the White House, Florida Supreme Court, Miami City Hall) and cultural institutions (Miami Art Museum, Museum of Florida History).  Major collaborative art projects include International AIDS murals in Switzerland and South Africa, peace murals in Northern Ireland and Cyprus and child welfare murals in Bolivia and Panama.


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