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AIDSWALK-signing.JPG (36054 bytes)2001 community murals &  projects

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For a more current listing of this year's projects and activities, please visit the 2001 Calendar.


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MAM in the Neighborhood Mural

Miami Art Museum commissions Cortada to create mural with Little Havana youth.
Miami, FL -- Summer 2001

The "I do hereby promise," the mural created at 555 NW South River Drive in Miami, Florida by Little Havana youth from a maquette they developed with Xavier Cortada.

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Hands On Miami's "We're in the same boat" Mural Project, a community-based art project designed to bring diverse communities together by creating a mural.  Xavier Cortada will facilate the creation of a collaborative mural with the elderly served by the Haitian American Foundation and the Little Havana Activities and Nutrition Center during April and May, 2001. 

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Miami Riverbank" Xavier Cortada's design for the beautification of the Flagler Bridge and creation of the East Little Havana Riverside Garden

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Creation of "Hues of Love:  The Alzheimer's Mural"-- Miami, Florida

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Voices-- an 8 foot x 20 foot mural originally conceptualized with AIDS patients, staff, and volunteers of Health Crisis Network, Miami, FL in 1996 and completed during the Care Resource annual AIDS Walk on February 24, 2001, Miami, FL.



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Reaching Out to Cancer Kids Mural, sponsored by the the Florida Chapter of the American Cancer Society.

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Unveiling of Hershey's Collaborative Mural at Miami Children's Hospital on October 15, 2001.




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HistoryDisabilityArt an exhibit about the History of Disabilitiessnbr3330.gif (2445 bytes) is co-presented by the University of Miami Mailman Center for Child Development and the Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs.   Exhibit runs Dec 12, 2001 through Jan 18, 2002.


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The "Front Porch Conversations"
collaborative mural will capture the conversations people (would) have (had) about the Little Havana Community.  The completed mural will be unveiled on June 1st, 2001 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Little Havana's San Juan Bosco Church in Miami, Florida.