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Cortada's work to be featured, The Miami Herald, Miami, FL, December 30, 1999.
Carving mural brings kids, artist together (in the PATH program), by Tanya Wragg, The Miami Herald, Miami, FL, December 19, 1999.
Featured Artist of the Week, by Candice Russell, City Link, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, December 15, 1999.
High school students, local artist create Web master`peace', by Tanya Somaroo, The Miami Herald, Sunday, December 12, 1999.
Image of Justice, The Miami Herald, Saturday, December 11, 1999.
`Those who deserve love the least need it the most.'   Children in Miami-Dade's juvenile legal system created telling, heart-rending art as part of the commemoration of the centennial of America's juvenile courts, by Judge Cindy Lederman, Special Contributor to the Herald, The Miami Herald, Sunday, November 28, 1999.
Troubled youths find artistic voice, by Eunice Ponce, The Miami Herald, Thursday, November 11, 1999.
Miami Art Festival:  An exhibition of Afro-Cuban Art will be presented including works by prominent Cuban artists, Published Sunday, September 19, 1999, in the Miami Herald.
Festival de Cultura Afrocubana, by Armando Alvarez Bravo, Critico de Arte,  El Nuevo Herald, Artes y Letras, Artes, Miami, Florida,September 12, 1999.
El arte, un medio creativo para prevenir, por Eva Aguilar, La Prensa, Panama, Viernes 10 de septiembre de 1999.
Cruz Blanca inaugura Exposici�n de Xavier Cortada, Redacci�n, El Panam� Am�rica, Panama, Viernes 10 de septiembre de 1999.
"Por un Panam� Libre de Drogas" ni�os y j�venes dan rienda suelta a su talento art�stico, por  Rosalina Oroc� Mojica,
El Panam� Am�rica, Panama,  Jueves 9 de septiembre de 1999.

Works of Art, by Damali Charles, The Miami Herald, Wednesday, September 8, 1999.
Programa para los jovenes, by Armando Alvarez Bravo, Critico de Arte,  El Nuevo Herald, Artes y Letras, Artes, Miami, Florida, August 1, 1999
Home is where the art is--Kids from public housing draw on experiences, By Gigi Barnett, The Miami Herald, August 1, 1999
Galardonan a Miami-Dade Art in Public Places, by Armando Alvarez Bravo, Critico de Arte,  El Nuevo Herald, Artes y Letras, Artes, Miami, Florida, July 11, 1999
Art Helps Children Face Cancer Treatments, by Lourdes Molina, The Miami Herald (Neighbors Cover), July 11, 1999.
Artist Xavier Cortada receives Key to City, by Marichelli Heredia, South Miami News, May 27, 1999.
Local artist, students create `master peace,' by Lourdes Molina, The Miami Herald, May 23, 1999.
Millennium celebration murals are Coral Park students' legacy, by Elysa Batista, The Miami Herald, May 13, 1999
Peace Sign, The Miami Herald, May 9, 1999.

Artist's Interactive WebSite mines chat rooms for the muses, by Liz Balmaseda,The Miami Herald, April 10, 1999.

Resaltan importancia del cinturon de seguridad, by Fernando Almanzar, El Nuevo Herald, February 24, 1999
Miles se unen en Miami a la caminata contra el sida, El Nuevo Herald, February 22, 1999
AIDS Walk set for Sunday, The Miami Herald, February 20, 1999.

Music, Art, Food, Events This Weekend in the Pines, The Miami Herald, February 11, 1999.

NikeTown dedicates murals to residents of Miami-Dade, by Anneli Shearer, Coral Gables News, January 21, 1999.

Valores del arte del exilio, Buenas/Nuevas, February 3, 1999.

Arte y deportes unidos en South Miami, el Nuevo Herald, January 15, 1999.

Much more than a store Niketown sells image, by Elaine Walker, The Miami Herald, January 8, 1999.

Have an Art Attack at South Miami Show -- Kids will be special focus of Festival, by Charles Rabin, The Miami Herald (Neighbors Cover), January 8, 1999.
Inaugura NikeTown en The Shops at Sunset, el Nuevo Herald, January 5, 1999.

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