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In rememberance of stories untold and the healing yet to come

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The official mural of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) Center for Injury and Violence Prevention National Sexual Violence Prevention Conference titled, "In rememberance of stories untold and the healing yet to come", was created by Xavier Cortada and conference participants on May 16-19, 2000 in Dallas, Texas.  The nine-foot-long mural was unveiled at the conference's closing ceremony.

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About the CDC National Sexual Violence Prevention Conference

The National Sexual Violence Prevention Conference will bring together representatives from the public and private sector (including state and local health departments, agencies of the Department of Health and Human Services and other Federal departments, education agencies, academic institutions, private foundations, professional associations, and community-based organizations). Participants will discuss innovative community responses to sexual violence prevention, state-of-the-art communications strategies, promising interventions, policies, and programs, and the latest scientific information on the nature, causes, and prevention of sexual violence.

The conference organizers are committed to the 2000 National Sexual Violence Prevention Conference because it offers opportunities to share effective approaches to prevention, practice and science.

The Conference seeks to:

  • foster communication and working relationships for sexual violence prevention among victims advocates, prevention program personnel, social service workers, the medical community, civil and criminal justice and law enforcement personnel, researchers, scientists and educators;
  • develop approaches to violence prevention at the community level;
  • and disseminate information about strategies and programs that have been successful in preventing violence and can be replicated in other settings.