Master Peace Calendar

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June 1999:

    During June 1999, Master Peace will dedicate collaborative paintings created in four elementary schools using Internet technology.  Although the student drawings and writings that created the collaborative paintings are "exhibited" in this webpage, the final product will be unveiled and dedicated on the following days.  For more information contact Fran Brum, at Miami-Dade County Public Schools: (305) 995-1980, or Lea Nickless at Miami-Dade Art in Public Places: (305) 375-5362.

Coral Way Elementary School
1950 SW 13th Avenue
Miami, FL 33145
Phone: 305-854-0515

Ms. Migdania Vega, Principal
Ms. Gloria Knowles, Art Teacher

Theme:  Exploring Community Through Memories
Dedication: June 4, 1999 at 6:00 p.m.

Key Biscayne Community School
150 W. McTire Street
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Phone: 305-316-5418

Ms. Darlene S. Mooney, Principal
Ms. JoAnn Young, Art Teacher

Theme: Keep Key Biscayne Beautiful
Dedication:  June 7, 1999 at 9 a.m.



Palmetto Elementary School
12401 SW 74 Avenue
Miami, FL 33156
Phone: 305-238-4306

Ms. Joanne Stearns, Principal
Ms. Pat Cummins, Art Teacher

Theme:  Take Pride
Dedication:  June 9, 1999 at 7:00 p.m.

Richmond Elementary School
16929 SW 104 Avenue
Miami, FL 33157
Phone:  305-238-5194

Dr. Freddie G. Young, Principal
Ms. Felicia Sternbach, Art Teacher

Theme:   How animals and the environment help us "love to learn and learn to love."
Dedication:  June 15, 1999 at 9:00 a.m.


Spring 1999:

               During Spring 1999, Master Peace will work in the following schools to create pro-social art projects.  The themes range from protection of the environment to celebrating the millennium to the meaning of success.  During April 1999, parents, teachers, students, and community members will dedicate these projects at their respective schools.  For more information contact Fran Brum, at Miami-Dade County Public Schools: (305) 995-1980, or Lea Nickless at Miami-Dade Art in Public Places: (305) 375-5362.

West Miami Middle School
7325 SW 24 Street
Miami, FL  33133
Principal:        Marcos M. Moran
Art Teacher:  Pat Peck
Theme:     The Environment
Date:         Thursday, April 22, 1999      10:30 a.m.




Citrus Grove Middle School
2153 NW 3 Street
Miami, FL  33128
305-642-9349 (fax)
Principal:        Carlos Cambo
Art Teacher:   Suzanne Lindheimer
Theme:     The Meaning of Success
Date:          Thursday, May 6, 1999     10:00 a.m.




Miami Coral Park Senior High
8865 SW 16 Street
Miami, FL  33165
305-553-4658 (fax)
Principal:             William Machado
Art Teacher:       Peggy Falagan
Theme:    Celebrating the Millennium
Date:        Thursday, April 29, 1999     12:30 p.m.


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Miami Senior High School
2450 SW First Street
Miami, FL  33135                                                               
305-649-9475 (fax)
Principal:             Victor Lopez
Art Teacher:       Richard Perez
Theme:      Exploring tradition through the re-interpretation of school's 1930s WPA mural
 Date:         Wednesday, April 28, 1999     1:00 p.m.



Fall 1998:

The first four Master Peace murals were dedicated during December 1998.  At the completion of each project, dedication ceremonies celebrated the process, involving the entire student body, teachers, school-administrators, parents, community leaders, and other members of the community.   During these ceremonies students were presented with certificates, language arts students read essays, band and dance students performed, and the community shared in the pride of the Master Peace process.  This act of celebrating the students' work is central to Master Peace.

J.R.E Lee Alternative School
Edwina King, Principal
Sandy Maddock Schwartz, ArtTeacher
Theme:             Respect
Dedication:     December 8, 1999 at 9:30 a.m.

Kinloch Park Middle School
Lucy C. Iturrey-Perez, Principal
Johnny Roundtree, Assistant Principal
Josephina Santiago, Art Teacher
Theme:            The Cycle of Life
Dedication:     December 10, 1999 at 6 p.m.

Ponce de Leon Middle School
Colleen Del Terso, Principal
Lowell C. Crawford, Assistant Principal            
Carol Hughes-Thompson, Art Teacher
Theme:             Explorers in this Hemisphere
Dedication:     December 8, 1999 at 2 p.m. 

South Miami Senior High School
Thomas Shaw, Principal
Mike Richardson, Art Teacher



Theme:            Multicultural Diversity
Dedication:     December 8, 1999 at 7 p.m.
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Master Peace is a collaborative effort of Regis House, Inc., a non-profit community-based center helping children and families, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Division of Life Skills, and Miami-Dade Art in Public Places. For more information on the project, events and locations, please contact Ms. Fran Brum at Miami-Dade County Public Schools Division of Life Skills at 305-995-1980, or Ms. Lea Nickless, Art in Public Places Coordinator of Education and Community Outreach, at 305-375-5362. Miami artist Xavier Cortada is Master Peace's founder and serves as its Artistic Director.