Palmetto Elementary School
Master Peace Project

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"Take Pride"

During May and June 1999, Palmetto Elementary School students will be working with Miami artist Xavier Cortada and using Internet technology to help create a collaborative art project for their school.  They will exhibit their individual drawings in the web gallery, and they will post their comments in a discussion forum. 

The art project's theme is "Take Pride." Students in Ms. Pat Cummins' art classes and the school art club will depict those things that make their students, teachers and parents take pride in their school.   This exploration serves to solidify the bond with their school and community.


Palmetto Elementary School
12401 SW 74 Avenue
Miami, FL 33156
Phone: 305-238-4306
Fax:  305-254-7774

Ms. Joanne Stearns, Principal
Ms. Pat Cummins, Art Teacher

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discussion forum

student web gallery

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Master Peace is a collaborative effort of Miami-Dade Art in Public Places, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Division of Life Skills, and Regis House, Inc., a non-profit community-based center helping children and families. For more information on the project, events and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ms. Lea Nickless, Art in Public Places Coordinator of Education and Community Outreach at (305) 375-5362, Ms. Fran Brum at Miami-Dade County Public Schools Division of Life Skills at (305) 995-1980, or Mr. Pablo Cortada at Regis House, (305) 642-6400. Miami artist Xavier Cortada is Master Peace's founder and serves as its Artistic Director.