Richmond Elementary School
Master Peace Project

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During May and June 1999, Richmond Elementary School students will be using Internet technology to create a collaborative art project for their school.  Using the artist's WebStudio, students will create a painting on-line.  They will also exhibit their individual drawings in the web gallery, and they will post their comments in a discussion forum.  


Richmond Elementary School
16929 SW 104 Avenue
Miami, FL 33157
Phone:  305-238-5194
Fax:  305-238-0397

Dr. Freddie G. Young, Principal

Ms. Feleicia Sternbach, Art Teacher




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discussion forum

student web gallery

log of webstudio sessions


About the WebStudio:

This Internet-based project is inspired by  Xavier Cortada's WebStudio, an innovative art form created with the support of a New Forms grant the artist received from Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs Council and ArtCenter South Florida.

The WebStudio is an Internet-based collaborative art project, which allows participants to interact with Miami artist Xavier Cortada through two webcams and a live chatroom. The composition, specific theme, and colors of the paintings are determined by input provided through the live chatroom during scheduled sessions.

WebStudio participants are also encouraged to post writings on discussion forums and to e-mail scanned images and text on the painting's topic to the WebStudio.  Cortada will collage these unto the paintings.  

Those techniques will be utilized at Richmond Elementary as students create a collaborative mural for their school.

For more information on Xavier Cortada's WebStudio, visit the site: (2692 bytes)


Richmond Elementary WebStudio Sessions

mpeace-248.jpg (6389 bytes) Wed 2 Jun 1999     Richmond Elementary
mpeace-600.jpg (7430 bytes) Wed 9 Jun 1999     Richmond Elementary
mpeace2-120.jpg (9184 bytes) Wed 14 Jun 1999     Richmond Elementary

Master Peace is a collaborative effort of Miami-Dade Art in Public Places, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Division of Life Skills, and Regis House, Inc., a non-profit community-based center helping children and families. For more information on the project, events and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ms. Lea Nickless, Art in Public Places Coordinator of Education and Community Outreach at (305) 375-5362, Ms. Fran Brum at Miami-Dade County Public Schools Division of Life Skills at (305) 995-1980, or Mr. Pablo Cortada at Regis House, (305) 642-6400. Miami artist Xavier Cortada is Master Peace's founder and serves as its Artistic Director.