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   The Reclamation Project, a 2006 public environmental art installation by Xavier Cortada in Miami Beach, FL Xavier Cortada The Installation of The Reclamation Project at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach, FL -- May 17, 2006


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  The Reclamation Project was launched at the opening of an installation by the same name exhibited at the Bass Museum of Art  from April 22nd, Earth Day, until May 17th, 2006. 
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The Reclamation Project exhibit included an installation of 252 red mangrove seedlings (in clear, water-filled cups) lined up on a glass wall in the western portion of the museum and two continuous-loop videos:  "18-mile" and "Reclamation."  Miami artist Xavier Cortada's aim was to remind us of what our community was like before all the concrete was poured.






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Xavier Cortada's work has been shown across four continents and is in the permanent collection of The World Bank. The Miami artist has been commissioned to create art for governmental (the White House, Florida Supreme Court, Miami City Hall) and cultural institutions (Miami Art Museum, Museum of Florida History).  Major collaborative art projects include International AIDS murals in Switzerland and South Africa, peace murals in Northern Ireland and Cyprus and child welfare murals in Bolivia and Panama.


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